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M/Y 1989 45' Otam

Motor Yacht 1989 Otam 45' Otam
Refit Year:
Discover the transformative work carried out by Ares Custom Yachts on this 1989 Otam, a 45' yacht that underwent a significant restoration and refit in 2013.
RESTYLING and REFIT: Ares Custom Yachts breathed new life into this classic yacht with a comprehensive restyling and refit. They meticulously addressed the imperfections in the hullside, identifying and repairing distortions highlighted by orange spots above the stripes. The result is a sleeker, more refined exterior that retains its original charm.
INTERIOR and EXTERIOR: The interior and exterior of the yacht have been rejuvenated to meet modern standards of luxury and comfort. Ares Custom Yachts undertook extensive joiner work, enhancing the yacht interiors with exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. Simultaneously, the exterior received a fresh look, with sandblasting revealing the pristine gelcoat underneath.
Yacht Interiors: The cockpit and interior underwent a thorough dismantling, allowing for a complete overhaul. Ares Custom Yachts transformed the spaces, optimizing the layout and integrating contemporary design elements while preserving the yacht's classic character.
Yacht Engine Overhauls: The yacht's performance was significantly improved through engine overhauls. Ares Custom Yachts dismantled the starboard engine, removing the transmission and initiating a comprehensive breakdown of the hydraulic system. All hardware was removed, and fiberglass repairs were completed to ensure optimal functioning.
In addition to these key enhancements, Ares Custom Yachts addressed previous repair issues that had trapped water, ensuring the yacht's longevity and reliability. They also prepared the engine room for painting, creating a clean and organized space that reflects the yacht's renewed vitality.
Experience the seamless blend of tradition and innovation with this meticulously restored and refitted 1989 Otam by Ares Custom Yachts.
An old repair trapped water behind it and needs to be fixed
Blueprinting hullside, to identify imperfections, orange spots above stripes are the hull distortions to be repaired
Sandblasting complete, exposing gelcoat
Blueprinting process being performed
All hardware being removed, all fiberglass repairs completed
Dismantling steering, trim and drive systems to initiate overhaul of systems
Cockpit and interior dismantling in progress (SP)
Breakdown of starboard engine completed
Dismanteling starboard engine and removing transmission
Prepare engine room for painting (SP)
Hydraulic system breakdown

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